Hi! I’m Kasun Sameera, an internet entrepreneur from the United Kingdom.

I am currently the Head of Operations at ClickDo, one of the world’s largest digital marketing and media consultancy agencies. I’m the Co-founder of SeekaHost, I have a long history in UX/UI as well as server infrastructure support, identify, diagnose and resolve issues. Manage virtual and physical servers on Windows and RHEL operating systems. Configure and manage Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Email Exchange and group policies.

I am originally from Sri Lanka, now living in Liverpool. I was schooled at Richmond College, Galle, and left school in 2003 and got into Lanka Bell which is a world-class telecommunications operator that provides a full range of telecommunication services to businesses and residential customers in Sri Lanka. From my childhood, I have dreamed of having a role in the IT sector.

I’m married to Heshani, who was designers.lk CEO until we sold it. Heshani and I have two children together.

I found ceylonradio.co.uk in 2012 to enter the internet radio broadcasting industry in the United Kingdom. After working in several different companies as a UI/UX,  I am working on some of the biggest projects like the SeekaHost datacenter and SeekaHost App project. 

In our spare time, we love spending time in our Liverpool Home or travel to other places in the world.