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There is no doubt in saying that, for an entrepreneur or a business to flourish, an online presence is imperative. This is because it ensures that, all potential clients or starters are well informed on the services offered. It is for this reason that our website development and design services have been tailored to meet such needs for all our clientele. We are a well-known company that specializes in ensuring that creative design is made for your website. At, we offer nothing but quality services and this, in turn, has made us become a well-known company not only in the UK where we are based but across the world, from Asia to Australia, the USA to mention but a few.

Who are We and Why Choose Us

Due to the high demand for web design services in Liverpool and across theAll-You-Need-To-Know
Globe, We saw it best to come up with these services in order to meet all clientele needs. As such, when it comes to technology and communication, there is no doubt that we are solely dedicated to offering you the best web design services across the UK as well as globally.

The best thing that makes us tick when it comes to offering web design and development services is the fact that we have qualified team players when it comes to encoding, engineering and SEO proficiency. Additionally, we not only create your website and leave it at that, no. We ensure that all the other services that come with web design are well taken care of in the best way according to your needs.

On the other hand, we have the knowledge of making a website a priceless asset for your business as well as on how you can spawn more leads, boost sales, spot your business as foremost rate and increase customer care. As such making a choice to do business with us is not regret but again for you.


At, I believe in objectivity when it comes to web design and development services. I place our customers’ happiness first before ours. Thus, choosing me and my team as your web designers and developers, you are guaranteed nothing but longer staying power for your site.


Our web design and development services the UK are tailor-made to meet all your needs. Moreover, as our client, you have an opportunity to go through your site before it is up and do some customizations on your own. This means that, apart from the ideas, plans and executions that we have, our platform is open for fresh ideas from you during designing and developing of your website.

About me

Hi. Thanks for dropping by.

I’m a UX/UI freelance Web Designer and Front End Developer living in the Liverpool, United Kingdom.

My name is Kasun Sameera, I am a web solution provider by profession. I have a knack for techie stuff and otherwise, I’m just a regular guy.

I was schooled at Richmond College, Galle, and left school in 2003 and got into Lanka Bell which is a world-class telecommunications operator that provides a full range of telecommunication services to businesses and residential customers in Sri Lanka. From a young age, I have dreamed of having a role in the IT sector.

Being a professional web designer, I design websites using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Corel Draw, Illustrator and, Anime Studio. Also, code sites with pure XHTML and CSS using a little JavaScript, VB Script, Actionscript and a lot of Usabilities, Accessibility, and Web Standards.

I work with over 300 business owners in the UK and most of the ClickDo clients websites are created by me. I recently designed the SeekaHost UK website and currnetly working on designing the SeekaHost main website designs.


Part Designer

User Interface Design

User Experience Design

Interaction Design

Website Design

Branding / Logo Design


Part Coder

Front End Development