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Convert Your Profile Photo Into A Cartoon, It’s Fun And Easy

Peoples love for selfies keep getting more creative and weird in a nice way, so to put it. From pausing on top of skyscrapers and tall buildings, to lying on the grass and taking a shot of yourself from above, the trends keep changing. Nowadays, the new trend is to upload a photo of yourself, and then turn it into a cartoon. Fancy that? A perfect, hilarious image of how you’d look if you were a cartoon, or also have your facial features modified into any way you’d like. Uploading these photos as your profile photo either on facebook, Whatsapp, or whatever platform is the new trend.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be an artist, or know how to draw cartoons; it’s more of just uploading your photo on a site, then selecting the many options of graphics available. This is surely a nice way to be cheeky and show that you appreciate the light side of life. To upload your photo, just visit and follow the easy steps of converting your favorite photo into a cartoon. The best thing is that you can then directly upload the photo to your Facebook or Instagram page directly from that site

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It turns your photo into cartoon. just need to upload your photo